Choice and Enrollment

Now Enrolling!

Students new to Denver who would like to enroll for the current school year may also make school selections by signing in below. Round 1 of School Choice for the 2023-24 school year opens on January 13, 2023 at 8 am, and closes at 4 pm on February 14, 2023.

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Enrollment Options for 2023-2024:

ECE-2nd grade: Dual Language Immersion Spanish- SEE VIDEO

ECE-5th: Traditional English-SEE ECE/KINDER VIDEO

3rd-5th: Transitional Native Language Instruction ELA-S 

Dual Language Immersion Spanish Goals:

  • Students in the Dual program will achieve high levels of bilingualism and biliteracy. 
  • We strive for high levels of academic achievement for all students.
  • Classmates develop appreciation and positive cross cultural attitudes toward peers.

Why Dual Language Spanish Immersion?

  • Biliterate students are proven to have greater mental flexibility, improved cognition, and greater empathic abilities. 
  • Native Spanish speakers and native English speakers learn together in two languages.
  • Increased opportunities for deeper learning about the cultures and languages of our community.

For more information:

Contact us at 720-424-9590 or email to learn more!

Barnum Elementary | 85 Hooker St., Denver, CO 80219 | 720-424-9590