Mission & Vision

Barnum Vision

We at Barnum learn together and grow together. We work hard to create opportunities for all. We elevate our voices and use each other’s strengths. We break barriers & instill a growth mindset. We set goals and go beyond them. We seek better and stronger ways to move forward. We at Barnum learn together and grow together. Opportunity is out there!

Barnum Mission

Our mission at Barnum is to ensure that every learner thrives.  We provide opportunities for biliteracy. We have high expectations, joyful classrooms, and equitable experiences. We strive for a safe learning and working environment, and collaborate with our families and the community.  We learn together and grow together. 


Learning isn’t one size fits all. To have the best results we must purposefully design learning with each learner in mind. We are fully committed to knowing our students and their families so that we can support each child to reach their full potential. We develop the whole child by considering both academic and social emotional needs.

Academic Excellence:

We provide the best academic programming in literacy, mathematics, science, social studies, and the arts for our students. Our curriculum and assessments are research-based, rigorous and engaging. Our teachers participate in weekly professional learning and data teams to ensure that they are prepared and knowledgeable about the best teaching and learning strategies.


In order to prepare students for the 21st century they need to be able to use technology as a tool to enhance their learning and to solve real world problems. Barnum students will enter middle school knowing how to type essays, create digital projects, conduct research, and communicate digitally.


Barnum students, staff and families have incredible hearts that fill our school with warmth and joy! We work together as a community to make it the optimal learning environment. We teach our learners to think deeply and to care about the world around them.