Barnum is excited to be partnering with Amplify CKLA/Caminos and drive toward excellence in the Science of Reading.

Several decades of reading research has given us a clear understanding of how students best learn to read. One way to conceptualize reading is through the Simple View of Reading model. This model developed by Gough and Tunmer organizes the skills needed to become a proficient and successful reader into two categories: word recognition and language comprehension. The Simple View of Reading is a basic formula for reading comprehension. It says this: reading comprehension is the product of word recognition skills and language comprehension skills. We need both sides of the equation for students to become skilled, proficient readers. Students need efficient word recognition or decoding skills where they are accurately and automatically reading the words on the page without aid of context clues or pictures*. They also need fully developed language comprehension skills which references the ability to understand language. In order for a student to understand text, they need to decode the words on the page and then make meaning of the words, sentences, and overall text.

Visit the Science of Reading video for more information: The Science of Reading